Thames Tunnel

We don’t really like the name Thames Tunnel because we have a nice one running under the Thames.

We prefer the term super sewer because (a) the plans are crap and (b) if it is ever built is will be full of crap. Enough said. (BTW if you tweet about the supersewer please use the hash tag #supersewer so everyone can find your tweet. Ta!)

Thames Water – a not for profit organisation?

Thames Water is found of saying at public meetings that they are not in this for the profit. 

It’s ok, we will wait until you stop laughing.

Finished? Good. On we go. 

Thames Water and the Millionaire Factory

Once you know that Thames Water is a privately held monopoly used as an investment tool by Macquarie Group Limited, an Australian global banking and financial services group, you soon realise that their only interest is in profits for their shareholders.  So that’s dispensed with the ‘we aren’t in it for the money’ fallacy. 

Did you know that the Macquarie Group’s high margins and profits, and the rewards for its executives and shareholders, have seen the Australian media label the bank “The Millionaire Factory”? [Wikipedia].

Lord Selborne’s Thames Tunnel Commission

Although we are primarily fight to save our local park from being destroyed by Thames Water there is also the bigger issue of the entire super sewer plan. 

In October 2011 Lord Selborne’s Thames Tunnel Commission (TTC) reported: “Our forensic analysis shows there is a substantial body of evidence pointing to the fact that there is a smarter way to make the River Thames cleaner. A shorter tunnel, combined with green infrastructure solutions that are built up incrementally in the medium to long term, would be both compliant with EU directives and less costly and disruptive to Londoners. These alternatives require further study.”

Thames Water dismissed the report. Well, where is the profit doing something smarter? 

You can watch the finding of the TTC on YouTube below, check this link to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham’s site or go over to our documents page and download the report from there.

How much will the Thames Tunnel cost?

Or should we say how much will it cost YOU?

Well with all profit making schemes, especially those backed by a global banking and financial services group, the answer seems to be either:

  • A lot
  • More than first thought
  • As much as Thames Water can make it cost
  • Er…we don’t know

 Thames Water aren’t paying the bills so why should they care right? You are going to be paying the bills so you probably will care. 

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