Residents voices

Rosie and sonsTo Rosie and her boys King Edward Memorial Park is their garden. This is what Rosie has to say about KEMP:

“We live in a very built up area and the park is the only green space we have. Both young and old appreciate such a beautiful place for various reasons.

On a personal level my six year old boys enjoy not only the play area and riding their bikes but watching the boats on the river.

Living, as many people do, in a high rise flat, the park is also a place to unwind and relax.

Therefore without it so many people will be affected. Not having our park is NOT an option, SAVE OUR PARK!”

 And here is a selection of comments from other local residents voiced during meetings over the last year.

Thames Water doesn’t understand the history of the park and why it is there. 40-50% of Tower Hamlets is unemployed and people will occupy the park to protest.

There is a problem with the way the issue is framed. Thames Water must start from the point that they don’t want to spoil the foreshore because we will never get it back and the damage will never be repaired.

There’s a lot of detail about what you will do after the works are done. Have you made up your mind that you’re doing it in the park? The road will be 4 m wide for the duration of the construction.

As youth workers, we work with groups that use the park and the football pitch. We have already lost the “sand pitch”; this football pitch is an alternative and it’s very important. We can’t tell the lads that we won’t have the pitch any more. We can’t go through losing this pitch as well.

My dad’s ashes are scattered where you are going to build. I have a 2 bedroom flat with four kids and no garden. You are going to take the park away from the little people.

The park is a community benefit for half the borough. You wouldn’t do this where rich people live, but you think you can get away with it in the East End.

If this development was within 50 yards of your back door, would you be in this hall or doing what you’re doing?

You have said that regardless of this meeting, you are still going to do it.

I live overlooking the park in Free Trade Wharf and I can see how well it’s used. I had no letter of consultation. I found out about this consultation by accident.