Brownfield not Greenfield

Our motto is ‘brownfield not greenfield’. So what’s the difference?

Save KEMP has been campaigning against the use of King Edward VII Memorial Park as a site for Thames Water’s super sewer since November 2010.

From the start, we have collaborated with other campaigns across London engaged in battles similar to ours.

King Stairs Garden in Southwark and Barn Elms in Putney were also selected as sites for the super sewer.

Because of our common predicament we all joined under the motto proposed by the Save KSG group “Brownfield not Greenfield” in a bid to save urban green space in London.

Brown or green – the clue is in the name

Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use

Greenfield land is a term used to describe undeveloped land in a city or rural area either used for agriculture, parks, or left to naturally evolve.

We believe that all sites that might be used for the Thames Tunnel should be brownfield sites, not just King Edward Memorial Park.

One minor detail

So as a park is most certainly a greenfield site what is Thames Water’s approach to this minor detail?

Well you see Thames Water looks at our nice green park and says it only wants to develop on the foreshore in the river which is a brownfield location.

Problem being that to get to the brownfield foreshore it has to destroy the greenfield park next to it. 

West Essex? Where’s that?

This is rather like someone driving a bulldozer through your front room because they want to work on the road outside your house… And then telling you that this is perfectly OK because your living room will only be affected for a short while.

This is the attitude we are facing. If Thames Water finds an obstacle to their plans they just try and change everyone else’s perception of reality.

Well that is not going to work in the East End. Or West Essex as Thames Water would like to call it.