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Campaign Update and Section 48 Response

 Dear Kempers, it has been a while, has it not? Things seem to be quiet on the ugly Super Sewer front and yet I can assure you that much is still being done by our team, by our elected representatives and Tower Hamlets’ officers to ensure that our park is saved from destruction. We have [...]

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CON-sultation Results: Democracy is an optional

You are probably aware that on 17th May Thames Water published the preliminary feedback report on Phase 2 of Consultation. They are sticking to the foreshore, ignoring the views of our community and those of a score of experts who told them that the brownfield option was the better one. Here is our official PR, [...]

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KEMP is as Pretty as a Picture, a Seurat one, to be precise

The beauty of our Park is undeniable. There is the aesthetic factor: the glorious views, the flowers, the mature trees and the well kept lawns. But Kemp is  not only easy on the eye, it is easy on the soul.  It is our reset button, our shared and yet individual sigh of relief, the place we [...]

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Security Issues: What Happened at Glamis Hall

There has been much talk about the fact I was threatened by one of Thames Water’s covert security guards at one of their drop in sessions. We have waited for Thames Water to do the decent thing and come up with a credible explanation as to why this happened. We didn’t get any, I was [...]

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