Kempers, we do get good news every now and then! KEMP as been selected as one of the official sites for the Jubilee Celebrations and we will have a Mega Screen to follow the River Pageant and all the merry goings-on. As you probably know, the Pageant will stop at the Tower of London, so it won’t go past our park. Not to worry though, the screen will show the full coverage.


We particularly appreciate the fact that the Jubilee Organisers and LBTH have reached an agreement and decided to keep our park off the main publicity so that we wouldn’t get swamped and the locals would the info first. Our campaign made one thing very clear at all: KEMP is the most precious asset for our community. We are glad that some people do listen and do take local communities’ welfare to heart. We must thank the Jubilee organisers and Cllr Alibor Choudhury who really put a lot of effort is securing the screen for KEMP. Big thanks also to Heather Bonfield and all other officers in the event team at LB Tower Hamlets.

Here is the link to our Facebook event:


So on Sunday 03 June enjoy the celebrations, bring your picnics and watch the Jubilee from the best spot in Tower Hamlets!  


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