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Come and meet Nick Tennant and the Thames Water team!

Go on, you know you want to! We know he would love to meet you… After all Thames Water like to say ‘we are listening’ so it would be rude not to come and say hello, wouldn’t it?

Public meeting 7.30pm 12th Jan 2012 St Paul’s Shadwell 302 The Highway, E1W 3DH

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Thames Water has organised a public meeting to be chaired by our very own MP and all round good guy Jim Fitzpatrick.

Let Thames Water know what you think

Please come along as it affords a great opportunity to let Thames Water know how we feel about their plans for our park.

If you have come to previous public meetings you will know the views given by different people from all parts of our community with one thing in common – we refuse to let Thames Water destroy our park for the sake of Thames Water shareholder’s profits.

If you haven’t been to previous meetings come along and get involved. It is your park and you can save it.

You can read the official statement by Thames Water about the meeting on their website here.

Have you completed your consultation form?

And needless to say if you haven’t completed the phase two consultation form you need to do so NOW! You can complete it online here.

So remember that is 7.30pm in the church hall at St Paul’s Shadwell (302 The Highway, E1W 3DH)

We could suggest questions you might like to ask but we have the feeling you don’t need any prompting.

Need some background material? We have it!

But if you want some background material have a look around our website. We have lots of interesting links to various information sources over on our super sewer links page.

We always think it’s nice to know the facts just in case anyone should every lie to you.


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