Greg Hands busts Thames Water super sewer myths

Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea and Fulham, has come up with an interesting piece in his latest news bulletin which demolishes some of the myths that Thames Water likes to peddle about it’s super sewer.

Here is what Mr Hands has to say:

  • The super sewer will only stop 18 million tonnes of discharge, not the 39 million tonnes Thames Water claim
  • Thames Water admits that more than 95% of the discharge from a London CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) is… rainwater!
  • Even without the super sewer annual discharge will be halved by 50%
  • The Selborne Commission option is a viable alternative 
  • The Environment Agency has had no discussions with the European Commission about whether the current tunnel plans are are sufficient to meet its directives
  • Projected costs have already climbed to an extra £70 – £80 per year permanently
  • Taxpayers may be liable for project risks if there are any tunnelling problems
All of which is information you probably weren’t told about by the Thames Water Used Car Salesmen if you dropped into their presentation at Glamis Hall.
Don’t forget to feedback to Thames Water on their plans to make a profit by trashing King Edward Memorial Park.

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