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KEMP wins QE2 Fields Challenge – and then some!

It’s official! We won!

1,639 votes = most votes in UK

An incredible 1,639 votes means that KEMP (King Edward Memorial Park) got more votes than any other participating open space in the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge in the whole of the UK. 

One has to wonder that if the people of the East End from all over the world can go from 60 votes to 1,639 in under 72 hours what we could all have done given a bit longer? Maybe having such a short time actually helped because we were scared stiff that we might lose. 

KEMP most popular open space in London?

Just to add to this success the 1,639 votes means that KEMP got more votes than any other open space in London (Which is sort of obviously really but it sounds good doesn’t it?)

Much needed open space

“King Edward Memorial Park provides a much needed open space for the residents of Shadwell and the surrounding areas,” said Mayor Lutfur Rahman of Tower Hamlets. “I am continuing to push Thames Water to rethink their plans forKing Edward Memorial Park the sewer tunnel in order to minimise the impact upon the park and the lives of local residents. Being successful in the Fields Challenge will further highlight the importance of protecting King Edward Memorial Park from the major works and disruption that is currently being proposed by Thames Water and their plans for the sewer tunnel.”

This statement by the Mayor should remind everyone involved with Save KEMP that we are protecting the only green space between the Tower of London and Canary Wharf.

Determined united community

“Considering that our Park was a late entry, getting 1639 votes was a feat that only a determined, united community could achieve and we are very proud of it,” said Emma Dunsire, who is not Mayor of Tower Hamlets but still a pretty important person. “Save KEMP is delighted with the outcome of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge as it shows how vital this green space is to our area. We had an outstanding response from our supporters and also from other boroughs that are similarly blighted by Thames Water’s plans for the Super Sewer”

The QE2 Fields Challenge is run by Fields in Trust  whose Patron is HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Cool, huh?

Working with FiT in the future

Members of the Save KEMP team had a very positive meeting with Rob Hardy, Field in Trust (FiT) London Regional Director on Wednesday 24th and gave him a guided tour of the park as he explained the numerous benefits that working with FiT could bring to KEMP. 

The tour ended at the bandstand and Rob seemed impressed with the unique character of the park and the spectacular view of the Thames. 

Both Save KEMP and LBTH are very much looking forward to working with Rob in the future.

“A basic right of childhood”

Prince William (the Duke of Cambridge) is the patron of the QEII Fields Challenge and he said this at it’s launch: “Being able to play outdoors is a basic right of childhood. The Queen Elizabeth II Fields will guarantee that millions more children are able to enjoy that right both now and in the future.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

King Edward Memorial park is the back garden for thousands of people in the East End of London and must be protected.

Tower Hamlets reaffirms opposition to Thames Water

At the latest Tower Hamlets Council cabinet meeting the council reaffirmed its continued opposition to Thames Water’s proposal to provide a connection to the tunnel in the foreshore of King Edward Memorial Park. In addition they confirmed their commitment to push Thames Water to consider an alternative Scheme.

People won it – Twitter & Facebook just helped

Find out how we used social media to mobilise East Enders wherever they might be
As we bask in a brief moment of glory before taking up the fight against Thames Water it is worth reminding ourselves that although we used our @savekemp Twitter tag and our Facebook page to get such an outstanding result it was people power that won it. Not technology.

Join together, work together

That’s exactly the same way we are going to win our fight with Thames Water. People joining together and working together. As Emma said winning was”a feat that only a determined, united community could achieve “. Too damn right!

More information

Read our account of the social media campaign that won us those votes.

 Tower Hamlets press release

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge

Fields in Trust

Prince William launches “Fields in Trust” Diamond Jubilee Tribute to The Queen

For more information email the Save KEMP team.

 And by the way…

Did we mention that King Edward Memorial Park won? Cos it did!

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