Save KEMP – Our Aims

Save Kemp campaigners in parkSave KEMP (King Edward Memorial Park) is a community action group based in Tower Hamlets, east London, which is fighting to save the only park left in our part of the borough from destruction by Thames Water. Tower Hamlets is a much built up area and green spaces here are a necessity, not a luxury. Help us save KEMP for our kids and for generations to come.  What Save KEMP stands for:

•             We DO agree that the River Thames needs to be improved

•             We do NOT agree with Thames Water targeting public parks and green spaces

•             We believe Thames Water should use brownfield sites to construct their sewer

•             We believe working on King Edward Park foreshore and leaving a sewer ventilation system in the front of the park will destroy our park forever

There is a viable alternative that costs no more – Thames Water must build on brownfield land!


2 Responses to “Save KEMP – Our Aims”

  1. On January 18, 2012 at 12:34 am Arri London responded with... #

    The supersewer can be placed elsewhere. It doesn’t need to be in front of this fantastic park! The East End needs all the unspoiled greenery it can get.

  2. On February 3, 2012 at 2:32 pm Tim responded with... #

    They should listen to us. We live here and we are their customers. They must not be allowed to destroy our local park.

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