Steven Berkoff supports Save Kemp

To add to the success of our march on City Hall that very afternoon brought another surprise: a brilliant endorsement from Stepney-born actor, writer, director and living legend Steven Berkoff! Here is what he has to say.

“I heartily support the campaign to protect this much cherished area.

Whilst progress marches on with the inevitable need for infrastructure development, we must also sometimes stop to recognise and appreciate elements of our communities which provide countless other benefits, less easily measured.

Parks and green spaces are critically important, especially in cities; we should value them and appreciate the havens they provide us with – so necessary in providing a contrast to a sterile concrete landscape.

We should be spending money to create more green spaces, instead of seeking ways to remove them or alter them beyond all recognition. We should be investing in the well-being of residents of communities, in the first instance by listening to their needs and desires for their own environments, and valuing parks such as this which have taken years to establish.

King Edward VII Memorial Park is so well-used and so loved, it is appalling that this is in danger of being butchered when there are brownfield sites which would provide equally suitable alternatives. It is as if parks and green spaces are seen by planners simply as ‘undeveloped land’ despite the fact that parks fulfil unique functions and have very specific reasons for existing.

When the park was opened in 1922, it was ‘dedicated to the use and enjoyment of the people of East London for ever.’ Allowing sewerage works to take place here would be an inexcusable betrayal of this benefaction.” Steven Berkoff

How good of Steven is that?

If you would like to see who else is supporting the Save KEMP campaign why not go and have a look at our Endorsements page? Helen Mirren and Delia Smith also support us to name but two! 

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