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Public Meeting at Glamis Hall report

John BiggsOur Public Meeting at Glamis Hall was a great success! Over 200 people took part, eager to save our beloved King Edward VI Memorial Park. Even our GLA elected representative for City and East London John Biggs took part and updated our supporter on his talks to Thames water and future strategies. It was very good to see Cllr Denise Jones and Cllr Stephanie Eaton who came to represent Tower Hamlets and to remind everyone of the commitment made by the Council last month.

But the meeting was not the only event that kept SaveKEMP busy this week. Friday 4th March we were invited by the East London Mosque to take signatures after Friday Prayers. It was a very successful event and we gathered a lot of support. Even after months of campaigning it is still astonishing how many people are not aware of Thames Water proposed plans for King Edward VII Memorial Park. Many thanks the East London Mosque and also to the two activists that made this event possible: Mahbub Mamum Alam and Raihan Islam.

Support is growing fast and we are now launching the hardest part of our campaign: we need Mayor Boris Johnson to listen to us and to look at the plans again and properly this time. Mr Johnson needs to understand that our campaign has solid engineering arguments behind. If that was not the case we would not have the full support of high profile politicians such as our MP Jim Fitzpatrick, our GLA elected member John Biggs and GLA member Andrew Boff.


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