First rumours

Wapping resident Emma Dunsire gives her view why you should sign the petition to keep King Edward Memorial Park Green:

“These extensive works, which will last in excess of 3 and a half years, will damage the mature vegetation and wildlife habitats beyond repair and will make the park, its amenities and the Thames Path unusable for the duration of the Tunnel build”, says Emma.

“Once the works are completed, we will be left with a concrete promontory on the foreshore and two huge buildings that will deface the beautiful riverfront and spoil the view completely. One of these buildings will house maintenance machinery and the other will be a 15 metre high ventilation tower. It is highly unlikely people will feel like taking their children to the playground, walk their dogs or simply take a stroll in the proximity of what is effectively a sewage plant, constantly humming away and venting air from the sewer into the park and surrounding residential area.”

“At present the park is well used by the Wapping community all year round. It provides an oasis in a area where green spaces are scarce. It would be a shame and a scandal if Thames Water were to be allowed to get away with destroying a conservation area. There are plenty of Brownfield sites that could be used instead of ruining the best loved park in Wapping.”

Wapping has until 14th January to register questions, views and complaints with Thames Water.


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